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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 20, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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francisco's embarcadero where disappointed in the decision to remove it as soon as they it was windy today as windy did. kind of sweater abreu said >>now a 10 city officials depending on where you were along the peninsula quietly remove a black lives matter yeah definitely grant and mural after somebody suggested katharine graham i have to putting up a trump 2020 slogan mention your haircut so great. >>the best is a new turn to as well, thank you for joining the monitor and you give us us tonight, everybody i'm that like one 80 degree turns grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan vicki liviakis has the all there you go. night off. >>3, 6, and now i love it haha >>the redwood city mural was put up on the 4th of july and had approval from city but it 5 months all finally how many was quietly washed away last inches did they actually cut week this after a local about 5 i. attorney ernie requested that >>want and let us speak eases that a mural of supporting president trump, he painted like prohibition yeah there you go i in the pandemic nearby. kron four's dan thorn speakeasy right let's take a talked to the murals artist he look at your bay area forecast talked to the attorneys tonight and joins us live in out there right now tracking redwood city dan. that high and low cloud cover right now seeing very poor visibility for those of you >>catherine this artist says that he's thankful to redwood along the coast and east bay shoreline. >>could even see some drizzle city officials for allowing for your monday night commute him to paint this black lives so be sure to drive safely merrill here in the first don't forget to turn on those place but his issue was with low beams better clearing not whether or not a human rights message was washed away because of some of these until you're new in lunchtime hour and even with that some political stance, the woman on
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of our coastal areas going to the other hand who wants the say stalked in with that cloud trump campaign slogan to be painted here says that both cover and temperatures out ideas are comparable. there right now widespread 50's as we cool down turning >>redwood city's black lives into low to mid 50's for your matter mural on broadway has overnight temperatures and been quietly washed away the daytime highs still going to be on the below average sides mural was painted a little over 2 weeks ago, but has a with downtown san francisco 3 degrees below average 64 new proposal emerged the bright yellow letters soon degrees low 60's for daly city vanished they made the decision to. >>take black lives matter off brisbane 63 degrees with the street at the first person the proposed the. millbrae and burlingame 64 degrees for your tuesday afternoon highs in san mateo >>mega 2020 black lives matter and foster city only warming up into the mid 60's low 70's and peas was surprised by the removal considering the city for those of you in palo alto supported the mural and even with the widespread 70's for supplied the paint then last most of the south bay but san week the 17 foot letters were jose 80 degrees but just raised shortly after a local barely 83 degrees for those of real estate attorneys you in livermore. requested a trump campaign >>hayward in the low 70's and slogan be painted nearby black tracking widespread 60's lives matter is not a throughout the east bay political statement, black shoreline richmond, 67 lives matter is a human rights degrees, oakland, 69 degrees issue. the black lives matter for you unconquered low 80 so is a call. it's a message it a we're going to be about 5 symbol maria rutenberg argues degrees below average for most the public space was being of our inland valleys and take a look at temperatures used to promote a limited
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throughout the north bay sonoma 73 degrees napa 75. and private agenda and that redwood city has become an arbiter of private political delay ho 77 degrees for your expression, a statement to kron 4 news reads in part tuesday afternoon with santa quote governments cannot and rosa only warming up to 79 should not get to pick and degrees you should be in the choose who should be allowed to speak. now that city's open mid 80's, this time of year up asphalt says public forums, after all it is summer but certainly not going to look like it for the next couple of everyone with any political days. we're going to be below message is free to write their average through wednesday and own. i for one would like to then near normal daytime highs paint maggot 2020 at a time returning to the bay area on friday is that warming trend like this it's especially continues for the 2nd half of important that we allow free the weekend into early next and open political discussion week until we cool down to for all sides, not just blm near average highs a little bit of a roller coaster ride for your full 10 at 10 he's a says city officials outlook. catherine and grant i told him last week they plan think back to you. to remove the mural for >>i appreciate violating traffic and vehicle codes but he believes the >>rapper kanye west will not quick removal came in fear of be making an appearance on the any legal pressure peas would presidential ballot in south like to discuss any carolina this year after all despite holding his first differences with people in his community who think black presidential campaign event in that state yesterday officials lives matter is a political message. i don't agree with mega 2020. say can you miss the deadline >>but if somebody that to submit the necessary 10,000 supports. trump wants to put signatures in south carolina does not allow write ins for mega 2020 and the city of president. so far west as only redwood city wants to support
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that then more power to that qualified to be on the ballot individual. in oklahoma and that state i have to do is appear on to appear on the ballot is pay 35 >>well p says that he would be more than happy to repaint the grand. mural but only of city officials ask him to he is at >>still ahead with most schools not returning to in least hoping that some people person learning and fall were inspired by the former mural that was here reporting families in sacramento are getting creative to form a new live in redwood city dan thorn kron 4 news all right dan in way to teach and high school san francisco, hundreds of athletes can play organized union members and supporters joined thousands nationwide sports. this fall because of taking action for black lives covid how coaches say. and opposing cuts in public >>it's a really affect. student ath services say. >>rallied in front of city hall in san francisco demanding corporations and the government take action to confront what they call the triple threat of white supremacy. the global pandemic and a broken economy. for more than 50 days now people have taken to the streets in downtown portland marching for racial justice and protests continued monday after demonstrations turned violent over the weekend federal agents were seen on video taking people away and. >>unmarked cars. portland's
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mayor says city leaders weren't. told is calling the tactics on america kron four's ella sogomonian is live in the newsroom with the latest l a. >>the mayor portland has not asked for those troops and does not want them there. those agents have no insignia on them but we have since learned since the release of this video that they are customs and border protection agents brought in by the department of homeland security, the dhs says that people are being arrested for crimes committed and that they're there to protect federal buildings from demonstrators set of turned destructive in one case, the police officers association was set on fire over the weekend and law enforcement on the ground have been firing tear gas in response to what they say they were being hit with frozen water bottles fireworks and have had green lasers pointed into their eyes as one source told me agents are also being intimidated and followed back to their hotel so quite the situation on the ground there people are rejecting their presence and the mayor is backing them.
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>>in our state local law enforcement officials elected officials were unified we didn't ask for these troops in our city we don't want these troops in our city and the tactics they're using are very unamerican and everybody should pay attention to this they're coming into our city they're in unmarked vans they pull people off the streets. they don't necessarily have probable cause we don't actually identify who they are to the people they're pulling into the bandits. >>the reason we advance other dhs law enforcement officers is because there is intelligence locally generated that there were going to be threats to federal facilities. you know maintaining an appropriate response is an ongoing obligation, the threat to those federal facilities and officers did materialize in the july 4th weekend and has maintained. since that time and as long as it does. we will maintain our presence. >>so as acting secretary of homeland security president trump has praised the work of federal officers in portland.
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he is considering sending them to other cities like oakland mayor libby schaaf has responded saying oakland needs covid relief not troops from >>with most schools across our president. he should stop california not returning to classrooms this autumn, some slandering diverse progressive cities like oakland in his parents are worried that their children won't be getting much racist dog whistles and divisive campaign tactics of an education so some we're not experiencing any civil unrest right now the families are trying to form presence of trump ordered what they call pandemic pods military troops to oakland are little micro schools. would likely inside it and >>to teaching care for kids during his news briefing on just commit reports. monday governor gavin newsome said that president trump hasn't spoken to him regarding >>kerry connects 4 year-old son his desperately missed his sending any federal officers to oakland, but did say that friends since the pandemic he would reject them as well began it seems really in the newsroom ella important take the chance to sogomonian kron 4 news. have kids their own age to be >>all right. thank you all up silly with an make the jokes indoor malls in san francisco, that only other 4 year-old so they were forced to close really understand she works again today this after san francisco county was added to full-time him all day care is back open she doesn't feel the states watch list friday safe sending their kids there of course a spike in he would be more comfortable a smaller number of families so coronavirus cases as the problem. >>the closure affects places she started looking for alternatives and came across like the westfield mall, the the concept of pandemic pots penn center mall stones town for small groups of families galleria right off 19th have wrote a caring for their kids cut force telling the psac ii agreeing to their own safety
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joins us now live from stones protocols and that means having conversations that town. and taylor these families don't normally have business owners, what are they about. you know where do you saying tonight. go how do you get your >>well grant you know it's not just the big box stores that groceries. she started a facebook page looking for are inside this mall here it's a lot of small locally owned other families to share the burden it took off many businesses and a lot of them parents on the page are hoping feared that this would happen, to share childcare while you know they already went others want to split the cost through this whole process when the pandemic started of private teachers to start micro schools since most earlier on in march and now districts will not be they're going through it all over again for some of these returning for in person it's a closure cost them as much as concept gaining steam all 90% of their sales. across the country. it's just been an explosion of interest >>they don't realize that they were close we're going to stop parents across the border just into the mac store and pick up looking for options right now some stuff so. the word was an in many cases are just. >>in a desperate situation because they have to work and expected to be closed indoor malls and san francisco forced they need support china caused to close their doors yet again his company weekdays my school on monday. works to link neighbor south >>that's after san francisco and help them find that was added to the states watch teachers she says most troops lists on friday that a rise in are under 10 kids often rotating between parents coronavirus cases the closure homes. we have some programs affects business owners like joseph santos an egg or that are anywhere from. $100 a gonzales inside the stones week on the way up to 5 or town galleria conversations i $600 a week for full-time would i had the with other care, a clear barrier for low small business owners is. income families already facing >>that doesn't look good and there's no end in sight and a an education gap with distance
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learning. teachers are lot of them had to stop paying offering scholarships are rent santos and his partner on sliding scale spots so we want the mexican filipino fusion to make this is accessible as restaurant called most qui us we can for everyone asked for it started as a catering connect she still looking for business in 2018 to help the right fit a family's for santos to nursing school but her pot hoping to keep her in november, 2019 it turned into something much more. kids learning and growing while staying safe in their neighborhood where the bird >>they opened their first store inside the mall, but and it showed a boat and have within the first 8 months it some social time. closed their doors twice due >>and covid continues to to coronavirus regulations affect everything high school basically down. about 90% when the doors are closed. the sports are not immune. the calendar for sports this fall has just been basically washed past. >>35 days that we were allowed to be open. we're actually our out of here fall sports are numbers go back to normal. but postponed until at least now december of 2020. with the closure again it's it's today's the first day and >>kron four's haaziq madyun talk to a college football coach about the potential we're about we're down back to impact on student athletes. 90% down 90% santos as they >>the california interscholastic federation, the governing body for high have since switched back to curbside pickup only like the school sports announces that rest of the stores inside the stones tom all the closures this fall as athletic competition schedule is also affect places like the officially being pushed back westfield mall in japan center to the end of the year due to mall that's what we've got to covid-19 when it's all said do at this the numbers are going in the wrong direction and done you could be looking at. >>roughly 9 months and months >>people are doing what they're supposed to be doing of not high schools for being so we have a lock it down and
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on the sidelines cia up it's sad because a lot of people's livelihood depends on executive director randall jedi talked about the changes this i understand the virus is serious and i get it and but i to the 2020 2021 sports think that it should be up to calendar a moose or 4 seasons us to make her own decision was shops inside the mall were to a december january period forced to close their doors, some stores with outdoor it shifts and they said 2 access along the perimeter remain open. seasons, the senate or 3 to avoid some of the overlap >>well as we've heard a lot of obviously you know that will these businesses are struggling in some of them mean some for multi-sport here are no longer able to pay athletes. >>the safety of our athletes rent while those owners tell me that the mall. have to come first right the >>has been very flexible and covid-19 pandemic has now is working with each of these businesses for now live in san impacted the california high school sports calendars for winter spring and now this francisco telling the sec ia upcoming fall laney college kron 4 news. head football coach and >>thank you taylor. well today governor newsome allowed athletic department director barbershops and hair salons john be talked about the and other personal care potential impact for high services to reopen if they can school student athletes, hoping to compete on the next level. work outdoors this does not >>i think for division, one apply to things like tattoo athletes for the most for and parlors pearson shops, those that's going to fall because are considered invasive there are there are hundreds procedures. the updates come a radar for loss and 2 years. week after the governor they see no even saw words ordered the same personal care right so. the the the the the places to shut down indoor operations and that's across top of the skilled and the most of the state newsom says fine. if someone has a a dry the spike in covid cases and
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hospitalizations led to the that could create some decision. some business owners problems were not enough are relieved by this latest competition be it dissipates college recruiters will do update, but others complain, less in person evaluation of reopening outdoors will only athletes and lean more on mean more expense. using computer technology as a resource for discovering >>we lost $18,000 just in talent. >>his advice for high school close. and then we had to send student athlete be ready you more money on ppe things and have to feel that you have already put that together and now we're going to have to get it out to people right. save more money on a said we >>you know really reach out to the calls that are interested are temporarily allow you outside where we get to do and senate to that right with the disappointment after rhonda said he says the cia is we're finished in portable keeping a close eye on the state sen. so long years ago outside. changing developments with covid 90 this is education >>no word on how long hair based athletic and so we're salons and other businesses going to follow the guidelines will need to stay closed or were state the governor of the art of education department of have the only option of said public health has it led you being outside. now that salons kron 4 news. >>nfl players will be tested have the all-clear to work daily for the coronavirus for outdoors if they can do that at least the first 2 weeks of one salon owner is eager to training camp this is according to the league's new get back to work kron four's rob fladeboe reports now from testing protocols. the nfl and los gatos. >>so what you're looking at the players union they reached here is this used to be where an agreement as rookies for outdoor patio was already houston and kansas city. setting up the first of reported to camp today work is
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several stations outside her for other teams begin arriving los gatos salon was a very tomorrow. the nfl's chief excited more aisha coin, i'm medical officer says more than one negative test is required thrilled. i love being outdoors any way i can i push before the players can enter back right for me to work the building to begin physical outdoors is almost a dream come issues of barbershops and personal care services governor newsom on monday waving parts of a statewide order that forced this and other salons to close after they had opened for just 2 days last week amid a resurgence of the coronavirus. 137 days i got to see live sports in person. the last >>that sparked protests petitions and the argument time i watch pro sports firsthand was back on march that salons should be allowed 5th when steph curry made his some leeway similar to outdoor dining and other businesses long-awaited debut. every turn says beauty federation of to the court that is after breaking his left hand today i california attorneys, fred jones we're grateful. was in the east bay at the coliseum where the a's hosted >>that the confusion that was the giants in game one of the caused last monday by his two-game tuneup series before initial authorization for our opening day on thursday national anthem time flag at salons to work outside much like other industries, half-staff honoring those who including restaurants. are lost to the coronavirus followed 3 hours later by our there's giants manager gabe kepler kneeling during the state board say not so fast governor at least we've got national anthem, becoming the that confusion now cleared up
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first manager in the majors to the new guidelines allow kneel in protest during the tensor canopies so long as anthem says now fans were stylists and clients wear face allowed in the stadium as they coverings. >>and shares are kept 6 feet want all season, but you do see some fans cut outs at apart. well, not optimal for someone to get a foul ball larger salons that lack outdoor space. the new rules confidence second inning bases mean that smaller shops and jews for giants anthony slater many independent stylus can get back to work amid pent up and. >>he comes up with a bases. demand for a haircut. clearing rbi office sharma nia >>i had multiple plans that called and they just weren't the giants go up 3 to nothing comfortable. they've been the a's get one of those runs staying at home that they've back in the bottom of the been staying out of the inning stephen piscotty goes public. they've got older deep to left field. it's a 3, parents they've got younger children. they just don't want one ball game. all right at to get infected or be enclosed the top of the 7th, inning now it is 3 to 2 the giants add to environment. so i've had the lead and it's later again, multiple requests already for he bats in 2 he finished with outdoor services in los gatos 5 rbi on the day the giants rob fladeboe kron 4 news. they go up 5 to 2 as they end >>wearing a mask is just a sign that you recognize that up winning 62 be back tomorrow your are part of something in san francisco after the game. gabe kepler talked about bigger than yourself. kneeling during the >>it has become something of a national debate and certainly politicize been wearing a mask >>i did not because i wanted. then to know that i wasn't could save lives scientists say it's a simple acts that
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pleased. with the way our one east bay mother here hopes country. i was handled. police everyone will consider doing so that she and her family can leave the house again someday brutality. and i told them kron four's michelle kingston shares the story of a woman battling stage 4 cancer. during the pandemic. that i wanted to amplify their voices and i wanted to amplify >>just a couple shows family has not left their homes since the voice of. the black the beginning of march this community. marginalized sign hangs outside their front communities as well. door by that title that people are using for this group is called the invisible >>all right a little earlier population. because there is in the show we told you about a. there's a that. your health the c i f decision to bring back high school sports in december or january. there's still a lot of logistics to is something that you can figure out in the meantime but control. or that if you don't school administrators and high school coaches, the ones who i have good health you may be at spoke with are all happy that they now just have some fault. and you know that's not clarity for them and their students. the case for everybody like >>you hope for the best but for me it was very healthy 33 you know, you know you still year-old when i was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer now got think about the worst case scenario. so yeah, this is at 37 has gone through dozens of treatment surgeries and this a real relief and i think rounds of chemotherapy over this will be great for for the past 4 years all while families and all kids 2
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being a wife and mother to 3 through high school sports. young children over the past 4 months is only left her home >>and we will have live reports tomorrow from ahead of for cancer treatments and brain surgery. that giants a's game at oracle >>all of which she's had to go park in the city. that's your through a loan and said that look at sports back to you guys. spend difficult it can get >>and i'm tracking a cooler cancer treatment if you lose someone gets covid you go to th forecast for your tuesday afternoon details ahead on means you can get cancer treatment. so their cancer patients are dying of cancer because they can't get cancer treatment to show is disappointed that wearing a mask has become somewhat political i definitely winning go to my local mayor for a colonoscopy so i don't know why people would go to any government official for medical case she hopes that even if the mask is uncomfortable people wear them for their community their neighbors and her family my kids it doesn't make me any less valuable person. my cancer doesn't mean that my kids will miss meaningless in the east bay, michelle kingston kron 4 news.
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president trump is continuing to ease up on his refusal to support masks, he tweeted a photo of himself. >>wearing one today writing many people say it's patriotic to wear a mask, when you can't socially distance there's nobody more patriotic than me your favorite president. thus a photo was taken about a week ago when the president visited walter reed hospital it is the only time he has worn a mask in front of tv cameras. happening tomorrow santa clara county will open 3 more coronavirus testing sites too in san jose one in gilroy the testing site of the county service center auditorium on burger drive in san jose that will be open. tuesday through thursday from 10:00am to 03:00pm the one at the san jose high school cafeteria will be open from tuesday to friday from one to 6 and saturday from 09:00am to 02:00pm and in gilroy the site will be at the south county annex at 9300 warren avenue it
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will be open from tuesday to friday 10:00am to 03:00pm testing is free. no appointments are needed you can get details on kron 4 dot com and a new testing site will open in alameda on wednesday. it will offer free testing to anybody. >>with health insurance or a government issued id regardless of if you have symptoms. the site will be able to test about 500 people a day and can return results in just 15 minutes. it will be at the research park and marina village along wind river way open 7 days a week from 9 in the morning till 05:00pm appointments are encouraged but not required. the south san francisco school district is suspending its meal distribution program for one week after a kitchen worker came into contact with someone who tested positive for covid. the employee work desde el camino high school district officials say they're shutting down the program to clean and sanitize the schools families who rely on the meal >>they've heard the u.s. is currently suffering from a service are encouraged to
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visit a neighboring school coin shortage when the economy district until south san partially shut down. basically francisco resumes handing out meals next week. in the north halted the flow of coins and businesses now are still bay more than 700 hospital trying to catch up. workers are on strike this week in santa rosa you see >>and a bank in wisconsin. they're trying to do something some of them here there's about it they've launched a coin buyback program to try assistance and medical and deal with the shortage and technicians with the national union of healthcare workers they figure will help local businesses. anybody who turns say they have not had a contract to the hospital for in a $100 worth of change they over a year. and they're demanding a new one especially get a $5 bonus it's something they say in light of the increase in covid cases. the i guess you can get as much as $500, although that would be workers say they feel they should be compensated for the an awful lot of change should additional challenges they are be dragging in there. you don't have to be a bank now facing. customer to join in the bank >>who are fighting for says hundreds of people have already dropped off spare equitable contract for myself change. some have brought in and for all my other co-workers were on the front coins without asking for anything back. gatorade the lines we show up every day we give a 100% to the community kids piggy banks air. and we want the hospital in >>coming up next the news providence to recognize what continues on our 24 7 we do. streaming service. kronon it >>the hospital did release a is of course commercial free statement in response to the and our own ella sogomonian is standing by in the newsroom strike. it says it's important for their patience and their with what we're working on l families to know the doors a. there will remain open. the >>the seattle mom is blaming her son's death at the protest community can continue to
10:18 pm
count on us they say to area known as the capitol hill provide the high quality organized protest or chop on compassionate care they expect and deserve. the city for us lauren so >>in an unincorporated area of anderson was killed during the contra costa county a wildfire 3 week existence of that site has led to evacuations along and now his mom has filed a holland tracked road this is lawsuit against the city of seattle we're going to have near night sun. the fire began those details new tonight at 11. this afternoon off tranquility >>all right, allan, thanks bay road east of oakley it's very much make sure and download the kron on app to burned at least 75 acres and get a commercial free local news. but greece uh. is about 65% contained buildings are threatened. no >>yeah let's take a final check at your 4 zone forecast for your monday night and it injuries have been reported is a gloomy one already at or back away shuns are also near 0 visibility along the underway for the hog fire lassen county which is burned. coast. also tracking some >>5800 acres 0% containment drizzle as well so just keep that in mind slick roads out there. there so drive safely future >>cal fire officials say cast for is going to show there's a mandatory evacuation order for the community of visibility extremely por to lake forced to states the hog start out your tuesday morning fire began saturday, fire commute so make sure to drive safely. give yourself some officials still don't know extra time because we're going what caused that particular to notice some clearing right fire and air quality advisory around your new lunchtime for the bay area that is in hours, especially for inland areas and the east bay effect and let's get details shoreline. but throughout the bay area coastline visibility from meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez yeah we do have an could be at or near 0
10:19 pm
air quality advisory that has specifically for those of you been extended from now through at half moon bay and temperatures out there right tuesday, moderate amounts of now widespread upper 50's to pour air particles in the north bay and east bay winds low 60's turning into the mid out of the west-southwest 50's for your overnight going to push that smoke and temperatures and tomorrow's daytime highs. a widespread ash not just from the hog fire. >>but also the mineral fire mix of 60's 70's and even 80 burning in fresno county into so about 3 to 5 degrees below the bay area for your tuesday, average and we will warm up to so just keep that in mind near normal until about friday limit outdoor activity as much slight bump in temperatures as you can especially those of you with any pulmonary or with the 2nd half of the respiratory issues and here's weekend and then averaging to your average daytime highs 10 days from now granted catherine. a live. look believe it or not of the east bay over berkeley can't even make out the city >>appreciated the breeze said thank you for joining us lights just because of that tonight on kron 4 news. thanks thick blanket of low and high for joining us. everyone have cloud cover visibility already at or near 0 stormtracker 4 a good night. tracking that marine layer extending into our inland valleys also going to bring us measurable drizzle during the overnight hours through your tuesday morning we will notice some clearing the best for those of you in the north bay but for everyone else expect a mix of sun and clouds for your tuesday afternoon contributing to our cooling trend with below average temperatures for your tuesday really traces
10:20 pm
amount of rain right around the bay area's shoreline. drier as you make your way inland but temperatures out there right now already cooling down into the mid 50's along the coast upper 50's and low 60's as you make your way inland but antioch still mild out there, 72 degrees and we're going to notice current wind speeds out there right now on the calmer and breezy side but fairfield seeing the gusty winds right now at 31 miles per hour sustained winds overnight lows tonight, widespread mid 50's and tomorrow's daytime highs about 3 to 5 degrees below average downtown san francisco, 64 degrees. 69 degrees for oakland widespread 70's as you make your way in line with napa only warming up to 75 degrees low 80's for those of you in san jose and conquered and livermore 83 degrees for your tuesday afternoon and taking a look ahead at your 10 at 10 outlook. we're not going to warm up until around thursday with near average highs returning to the bay area on friday, slight warm up
10:21 pm
by the 2nd half of the weekend into early next week to 10 days from now near average highs returning to the bay area back to hugh grant and katharine. >>thank you theresa coming up trying to control covid-19 and the east bay. the sheriff's department that had dozens of cases also the regrets being expressed by the wife of the deputy. plus president trump is expected to resume white house covid task force briefings why. >>they may be headed back to the podium and the irs warning us about this year's top tax scams details on
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just do what i say. i won't have to hurt you. what's the location? i haven't got one. it's a cell phone.
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>>for your money tonight, the irs says released what it considers to be the top tax scams of 2020 the agency says the list focuses on scams. the target taxpayers and emphasizes aggressive and evolving schemes related to the coronavirus tax relief. there are 12 different kinds of scams on the list one of the most common types phishing scams which the irs calls a major threat these schemes use fake emails and websites to steal personal information there are also fake charities and threatening impersonator phone calls. those are calls where the scammer pretends to be the irs. demanding money or threatening the victim with legal action. the irs says americans need to remain vigilant against these threats, especially during the pandemic. >>also off for your money,
10:25 pm
this is the last week for the $600 bonus added to state unemployment benefits with the added boost more than 2 thirds of workers getting benefits have been getting paid more than what they earned on the job that's cause some controversy while the coronavirus relief program does not technically expire until july 31st. this coming week will be the last 4 pay benefits, it is likely to make things even tougher for many unemployed people because the economy of course still not recovered from the pandemic. >>there will be no high school sports in the fall because of the pandemic how coaches say that will affect student athletes, hoping to compete in college. >>and covid in alameda county, how the sheriff's office says it's trying to keep it under control as we meet a family, they're still in the thick of a life and death situation. >>and president trump expected to bring back those white house coronavirus briefings when he's expected to return
10:26 pm
to the podium that's after the break. >>and i'm tracking cooler temperatures along the coast and for your inland by lee's details ahead on your 10 a 10 now looking
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>>national news today, president trump announced he is bringing back those coronavirus briefings the daily briefings that and in about 3 months ago he also is now encouraging his supporters
10:29 pm
to wear face masks and as jim acosta reports those moves might have something to do with his sagging poll numbers. >>with more than 140,000 deaths from the coronavirus in the u.s. and counting president trump is offering up a new proposal to show he's dealing with the pandemic resurrecting the briefing room news conferences on the administration's response to covid-19 i'll do it. >>5 o'clock like we were doing we had a good slot. and a lot of people watching and that's a good thing as mister trump made the announcement the former reality tv host turned president appeared to be more focused on the ratings for the briefings and the surging number of cases across the country. well we had very successful bring things i was doing them we had a lot of people watching record numbers watching in the history of cable television television there's never been anything like it. the briefings were sometimes useful when they fsature the expertise of health experts like doctors deborah birx and anthony fauci that mister trump suspended
10:30 pm
the news conferences back in april shortly after he suggested people could inject themselves with disinfectant to kill the virus that i see the disinfectant. they've not yet. the president is still misleading the public about the virus insisting he was right when he predicted covid-19 would miraculously vanish it's going to disappear one day it's like a miracle it will disappear mister trump defended that comment on fox will be right eventually. actually you know i said it's going to disappear said again that is going to just as actors credit, i'll be right. i don't think so. >>and his lukewarm support for wearing masks still runs counter to what the experts are telling americans i'm begging you please understand that we're not trying to take away your freedoms when we say wear a face covering the president still faces tough questions over his handling of the pandemic like why the white house is seeking to block new funding for testing for the virus, a stance that irk some in his own party and surprised administration health officials the opening bid from the white house was a
10:31 pm
bit certainly for many of us. we're certainly hoping to see more in the way of support. a new abc washington post poll finds mister trump far behind former vice president joe biden so the president and his team are turning to former aides corey lewandowski and steve bannon for advice. we have korean we have all the people and actually steve bannon's been much better not being involved. he says the greatest president ever me saying things that i said. >>us keep steve out there he's doing a good job. >>and his message to mister trump pay more attention to the pandemic my recommendation of the every day start to have the top people around you doctor fauci doctor birx vice president doctor redfield cdc. chief of staff meadows have him in the oval get briefed every day on an action plan, the president's interview on fox concerned even some of his own age with one advisor telling cnn it was embarrassing his total lack of preparation is catching up one awkward moment came when mister trump bragged about passing his cognitive assessment test well i tell you what a let's take a test.
10:32 pm
let's take a test right now, let's go down joe and i will take a test let him take the same i took the test to when i heard that you passed a well it's not the hardest has now has a picture the last minutes and alan oneida i get to see thats all misrepresentation. >>in the east bay more than 40 deputies and other staff members of the alameda county sheriff's office have contracted covid-19 since march and has called for maureen kelly reports now many of them work at the santa rita jail which. >>like many other california jails is seeing a spike in in may cases. >>when you got to the hospital his oxygen levels were in the 40's. just horrible that's the wife of alameda county sheriff's deputy oscar road. shep both the husband and wife tested positive in june. roaches wife maureen spent 10 days in the hospital. well, the 25 year sheriff's department veteran has now been in the icu 3 weeks in a medically induced coma. he's made some progress. the doctors are working to wean him off of the ventilator but
10:33 pm
he has a long road of recovery ahead of him. >>it's your test comes back positive and you have the slightest symptom you go to the doctor. so get your lungs listen to go have somebody checked out. that is what my husband didn't do it he should have. >>it's believed roche a contracted the virus on the job and brought it home to his wife. part of a spike of 35 workers for the law enforcement agency both sworn and non-sworn who tested positive around the same time while some of those infected were from patrol the sheriff's office spokesperson says the majority work at the santa rita jail in the last several days now we're seeing another spike we now have 10 active positive staff members in a 103 active in custody. >>sergeant ray kelly says they've been working to keep a lid on coronavirus at the jail. >>which can take off quickly in confined settings the majority of people have had mild to moderate symptoms that
10:34 pm
it regards the inmate population we've had 0 major complications or hospitalizations or anything or anyone is in that up in intensive care in addition a roach only one other sheriff's office staff member is in the hospital many of the workers who tested positive back in june were asymptomatic and are now back at work. monday shares personnel could be seen going in for testing for the virus to help make sure staff members are not infected in unintentionally carrying coronavirus back to their families and the communities they serve. >>they're also being screened for antibodies both types of testing will be offered to employees on thursday as well maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>we have learned that another san quentin death row inmate has died 58 year-old troy a ash miss died today at a pop-up hospital outside the prison. it's believed he died of complications from the virus and official cause of death has not been released yet. so far 12 inmates have died at san quentin apparently
10:35 pm
all because of covid-19 ash miss was on death row for first degree murder and crimes involving minors. >>our society has only march toward justice because great figures like congressman john lewis took it upon themselves. to lead the way. so the nation mourns his passing. >>members of congress return to capitol hill today to honor georgia congressman and civil rights icon. john lewis lewis died over the weekend after a 6 month battle with pancreatic cancer our washington correspondent kelli meyer has the story. >>all members rise for a moment of silent, a somber start to the week as lawmakers pay respects to one of their own 80 year-old georgia congressman john lewis who spent much of his life fighting for racial equality died friday after a 6 month battle with pancreatic cancer. he was the last survivor of the big 6 civil rights leaders of the 1960's. i first met
10:36 pm
john norris in 1968 in atlanta georgia. at the funeral of doctor martin luther king junior lawmakers like north carolina democrat ek butterfield and georgia republican buddy carter praise lewis says the moral compass of congress is certainly a great loss. the state of georgia, but also to the nation voters first elected louis to represent his atlanta georgia district in 1986 georgia republican congressman doug collins was just an intern, we ended a run same elevator, almost every morning together. he leaves a legacy of caring for others, a black drape was placed over congressman lewis's office store here on capitol hill. >>members have been passing by all day leaving notes and snapping photos. lawmakers tell me they hope to honor his memory by passing voting rights legislation. alabama democratic congresswoman terri sewell says her bill restores provisions of the voting rights act of 1965 a bill lewis shed blood for on the edmund pettus bridge in selma, south carolina congressman jim
10:37 pm
clyburn says if republicans want to honor lewis's legacy. >>they'll help get schools bill signed into law i e. >>really need it. it's just light. >>reporting in washington, i'm kelly the georgia state senator nick williams will run to replace a civil rights icon john lewis. the state's democratic party has chosen her to replace lewis on the november ballot lewis again who died over the weekend was up for reelection this year. william said that she was arrested during protests over a close gubernatorial election in georgia and 2018. she says voters need somebody who is not afraid to put themselves on the line like congressman lewis. >>whether time is we had a check on
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